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  • Ashley Cochrane

Rowbarrow Shoot Journal - 4th March 2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Admittedly there wasn’t all that much here to shoot apart from a neat line of trees, there was no evidence of the former settlement above ground. I think the trees are important, maybe they mark a boundary to something, it just seems weird that these trees stretch from the roadside into the middle of this huge field, but I cannot find any reference to it. Save for the trees there is nothing here to shoot so I decided to get that shot and move on. I had experimented shooting the trees before and realised the best method of shooting was to stand from the other side of the field and down the hill, this was the only view I could get of the trees that eliminated the road beyond it and the views of Salisbury beyond that. I elected to get a shot of the row of trees from the side and then one tighter composition where the trees seem to continue into the distance.

These were the only two shots I could really get of trees without spoiling them with modern developments in the shot, so I decided to try something I had not before at this place and that was to shoot closer to the trees and have them run perfectly parallel across the composition. As with the previous shoot, I suffered with width in the shot, as I was shooting on my phone again. The Huawei was warping and obscuring detail in each shot which was amplified by the fact the trees were all similar. I do not think any of these were that good and they do not really say much about the trees. Although the subject is good, the contextual relevance is not there to back this up so I do not think it is worth spending any more time at Rowbarrow, it was a relatively minor location, and I cannot see any circumstances that would improve this shoot.

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