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I am a photographer, videographer and writer from Kent, England. My passion is history, in particular, the historical landscapes of Great Britain. My 'Project' work is a collection of these ideas, studying different periods of history through modern visualisations and contemporary landscapes. In 'Places' you will find photography I take of the places I visit with a minimal aesthetic. I originate from the seaside town of Folkestone, Kent, where my interest in photography first arose. The abundance of history in this quiet corner of England, particularly through the Napoleonic and World War eras drove my passion to document the stories of local history. I studied at college here for two years, before heading to Bournemouth University to develop my understanding further. I graduated with First Degree Honours in 2021, and now I aim to establish myself as a content creator for my own brand. I would love to continue telling the stories of history, and working on the theme of 'place' through photography and writing. This website will serve as a collection of visual narratives about our landscape and the rich cultural and historical heritage that echoes through its past. 


Clients and Associated Organisations:

The Edge, Folkestone | Folkestone Creative Quarter | Folkestone is an Art School | Bournemouth University | Knuckleball Twins | TheatreTrain Ashford | Liv2Dance | HopFuzz Brewery

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